Are you as sick and tired as I am of government stagnation because bills keep getting shot down because some weird random thing was tagged onto the end of it that made it unpassable?  I promise that if elected I will fight to get a bill passed that will support only allowing ONE SUBJECT per bill. If your bill is for funding for Vets - then your bill is for funding of Vets.  Full stop. Let’s bring some common sense back to legislating!

Are you sick and tired of the wealthy determining who gets to run for office?  ME TOO! That’s why I’m running!! I’m by no means wealthy, and I want to see change.  I will support the change to any and all political parties and candidates so that they are required to disclose every contribution and expenditure so that we can eliminate the power of money and bring back our democracy!  I will also strongly and regularly fight to oppose any corporation having rights to influence political campaigns and elections. Corporations are not people, they shouldn’t be treated like one!


It’s time for our local legislators to stand up and fight for our small family farms again!  I will support and champion our small family farmers involved in local and sustainable community food production.  I will work to eliminate industrial farm subsidies that have given too much to the large scale industrial farms and not nearly enough to our local farmers. I will do this by promoting and championing education programs and working towards funding assistance for the promotion of local sourcing of food.  Let’s bring the family farm back to prosperity in Wright County MN.

The weather isn't what it used to be. Our changing rainfall here in Minnesota is hurting our farmers because more irregular rainfall means more soil erosion killing our crops. I don't have to be a scientist to understand that my friends in the community are concerned about their livelihoods being impacted by our changing world.  I will support agricultural research and incentives and strongly support any policies that will contribute to soil health and anything that will help stem the tide of the climate change currently causing our farmers so much pain.

Business and Community Development

It’s no secret that we out here in rural areas struggle in many ways if we are small business owners.  From wages, to finding workers, to fighting the big box chains. It’s tough. I want to help revitalize our communities and I am going to start by supporting equal access to the internet for businesses and people with universal access to broadband.  With so much of our world today online, having customers that can’t order from your websites or look up your information or products is a huge problem that impacts your bottom line. There is no reason we can’t fix this!

In our community I see young people putting having their families on hold because they can’t take the time away from work.  When you live paycheck to paycheck and work full time or have more than one job and you can’t save enough to fix your car we have a problem.  I promise to fight for our community members to fix this issue! I will start by supporting and pushing for a Paid Family Leave Act that would provide wages during family events such as births, adoptions, or care for a seriously ill family member.  The current FMLA rules are not enough, and we don’t give enough time for our dads to bond with their new family members, be they adopted or born. We are a family centric community, I promise to fight for YOUR family!


The key to opportunity in America is our education system, without properly funded schools across the state we can't possibly expect our students to thrive in the economy of the future. No school district should be left underfunded, and that means a balance in where our state funding goes. 

Out here we know the value of hard work, but if you can’t work, you don’t get paid.  So many of our families work more than one job, and because childcare costs more than your rent, many of our families must lean on our school districts to provide that childcare.  Without those early childhood programs and family programs for before and after school care many in our community would be unable to keep their jobs.  If you have to stay home to take care of your kids and you aren’t getting paid these problems only continue to grow.  I will support the changing of our school’s financing programs to create a more equitable process. By which I will also support increased funding for Pre K through 12 services.  Including childcare and social services to assist with mental health issues and students who have specialized learning needs. Children are our future, and as a single mom, I get the struggles of parents who want their children to be better off than they are, I hear you, I see you, and I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU!

We also need our education system to cover the basics, from civic engagement to basic finances our students need to be ready to not only enter the job market, but also to be able to manage their own household. We need to double down on our hands on job skills. Students should be able to leave high-school with skills needed to enter a competitive job market, that means everything from computer programming to basic shop skills. 


People are struggling. Young families are shocked to find that the cost of having a child can be as much as 20,000 and our monthly premiums are nearly as much as our mortgages. We need to take a serious look at our healthcare system and bring some more innovative solutions to the table.

Small businesses are struggling, a healthcare plan for a small company often stands as a prohibitive expense that harms growth and give an advantage to large corporations against the local shops that are the heart of our Minnesota economy. A state funded universal healthcare program is a solution that has been proven to cost less than our current monthly premiums and would give and edge in the market to small businesses who are looking to expand.

Labor and Employment

I am a firm believer in the joy and relaxation of a weekend!  Aren’t you? If you are you need to thank a union! They brought us our weekends, our 40 hour work weeks, and safer job sites.  If I get help from a lawyer I have to pay for it, why should your union have to give it away for free? If I get higher wages because a union representative fought long and hard for those higher wages, shouldn’t that union be able to be paid for all that hard work?  If elected I promise to support our labor partners and unions 100% and oppose the poorly named “right to work” laws which make our jobs unsafe and unfair. I will fully and completely support any workers right to join a union and have their dues withheld from their paychecks.