Sharon McGinty for Minnesota 29B


Mother, Leader, Candidate.

Sharon is a single mother with a college bound freshman who has volunteered as the treasurer and secretary of the Buffalo High School Wrestling Booster Club. When her 6 year old son wanted to join scouting, she stepped up and served as a Cub Scout Den Leader for 6 years, taking her first step into a local leadership position. She is a dedicated mother who has been deeply involved in her community, and now the time has come for her to serve at a higher level. 

Buffalo's Involved Candidate.

While our state legislature was trying to give tax breaks to cigarette companies Sharon was working hard to provide for her family. After seeing a year of lackluster performance in the state legislature she is ready to cut out the BS from our politics and work on the issues that we all care about. 

  • School Funding
  • Transportation
  • Worker's Rights
  • Affordable Housing and Healthcare

Our children need a bright future to look forward to and Sharon is the candidate who has already been hard at work making that happen at the ground level. After leading in our community for so long now it is time for us to elect her to lead our state. 


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505 Creekside Drive | Buffalo, MN 55313