Sharon McGinty

About 29B's Candidate


Minnesotan Family.

Like many Minnesotans Sharon has lived all across the state. Since moving to Minnesota as an 18 year old she has called many places home, from the heart of Minneapolis to where she lives now in the City of Buffalo. 

Like many of the goodhearted Minnesotan's living in 29B Sharon is comfortable living in a beautiful community not too far from the cities, but close enough to enjoy a weekend in town with her family and friends.  


Strength in Turmoil

Sharon has experienced many of life's joys and challenges and fully understands what it means to persevere. In the 90's, she lost her 56 year old mother to lung cancer after a brief illness. Almost one year later, her 25 year old sister was killed in a bicyclist vs. car accident and three months later, her 59 year old father passed away after being diagnosed for the 2nd time with small cell carcinoma. In between and since, she has worked as a waitress, a bank teller, mortgage processor (for over 20 years and losing her job as a result of the housing crisis) administrative assistance and as a 3rd party, medical pre-collection specialist. She has been married and divorced and has raised her 17 year old, college bound, son as a single mother. She understands what loss is, what sacrifice and hard work are and has never given up on trying to make the best life for herself and son.



Experience with Healthcare Struggles

Sharon has worked with people struggling to pay for their healthcare, working on the front lines of healthcare financing she witnessed the truth about how hard Minnesotan's are being hit with their medical bills. Even something as simple as having a child has become a costly adventure and prohibitive for many of our young adults. 

A Candidate for Hope

With schools on the financial chopping block and our infrastructure crumbling our neighbors are scared that political infighting will lead to serious catastrophe, but Sharon has faith, she has faith in her community, and faith that the world can be a better place. This faith guides her in her work to provide for her family, and to step up to make a difference in people's lives.